5 Sign You Found A Great Lash Tech!

1) Upon your first visit, you are greeted kindly and given a consultation
form. This consultation form allows your lash tech to understand key points in giving you the best services. Key points such as: Have you had lash extensions before? This tells
your lash tech that you have experienced this service before, you may
have a more confident opinion on what you like and dislike, and most
importantly this should be a flag for your lash tech. This information
provides the possibility of previous damage from another salon or tech
that is not her own work.
2) You are given choices, options, opinions, and feedback. They’re various
options when it comes to the shape of your eye, the shape of your lashes,
thickness, volume, curls, and length. Your lash tech should listen to the
overall look and design of your ideal lashes and be able to confidently
give you feedback. Yes we can do this or no this is not doable at this
time. Your lash tech should be able to explain to you all the different
methods of how she can create the perfect look for you. If not in the first
session then slowly building up to the grand design safely and cautiously
not to damage your natural lashes.
3) Notice how she or he works around your face. Does she seem confident?
Are her hands steady? Make a mental note of how she applies a gel pad to
your eye. If she confidently takes control of where she wants that gel pad
and even gets it on the first try, then you have a seasoned lash technician. Does she have everything prepared or is she running around looking for items and seems hasty? While she is applying lashes to your eye do you feel the weight of her hand on your forehead? Is it uncomfortable? Does her hand seem shaky or sweaty? This is not to bash new lash technicians because it does require a lot of time and patience to become a smooth and confident lash artist. However, this should be a relaxing session for you and at most you should feel comfortable enough to take a siesta.
4) Examining your lashes. The first thing your lash tech should tell you after
the gel pads are on, is her overview of your natural lashes or how you're
extensions did between fill times. She should tell you if your lashes look
healthy, if baby hairs are growing in if their clumpy or twisted and
perhaps need to take a few off. She may even notice that you put “ a little
bit” of mascara on. In any case, you should hear a full report on how your
lashes are doing and what you or her could do next time to improve the retention of your lashes or the health of your natural lash. Which brings us to our final point.
5) After your appointment, your lash tech should repeat the proper aftercare
protocol for your lashes. You may have been seeing the same technician
so she may let the aftercare slip once in a while and that is okay.
However, you should be consistently told how to care for not only your
extensions but the health of your natural lashes. You may be told to avoid
a steam room, tanning, oil products, or perhaps to encourage you to sleep
in a different manner to protect the longevity of your extensions. She can
offer you growth serums and extra bonding serums for your extensions.
Listen to her suggestions because this is a sign of a lash artist that cares.
Ultimately your lash technician should almost always have a solution or
suggestion for you. Last but not least, the greatest sign of a strong and
confident lash technician if she does not feel she can give you the best
service, she will refer you to a lash technician she trusts. It may not be
money in her pocket, but this shows true strength and respectability in the
Always give a new lash technician a chance. Practice makes perfect in any
industry. The cost should be in relation to her experience however lash
extensions are not as easy as they look! Patience is a virtue and a newbie will
totally appreciate it!
- Emily Gibson
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