Ombre Manual Shading Course

The Ombre Manual Shading Course is a comprehensive, hands-on two day course. This course is recommended to students who already have taken the 3D Microblading course and want to add a new skill set to their repertoire of microblading. Manual Shading is all the rage these days because it gives women a full, soft looking brow that is ultra-feminine and glamorous. This intensive two-day course will give students the students the know-how to perform the four types of manual shading techniques using various blades. During the second day, the students will have an opportunity to do one live models under the supervision and guidance of an Experienced Ombre Artist.

Day 1: What you will learn

  • Morning 
  • Manual Shading – What’s the Hype? 
  • Manual Shading vs. Machine Shading 
  • Microblading Myths 
  • Layers of the SkinSkin 
  • Types and Healing Results 
  • Pre Treatment 
  • Anesthetics 
  • Post Treatment 
  • Touch Up and Healing Process 
  • Client Consent Form 
  • Patch Tests 
  • Brow Snob Medical Pigments 
  • Afternoon 
  • Review of Mapping and Shaping the Eyebrow 
  • Ombre Brow Techniques (4 methods) 
  • Needles for Shading 
  • Before and After Pictures 
  • Practice on artificial skins 

Day 2 : Time to Practice! 

  • Morning
  • Review and feedback on practice skins 
  • Demonstration 
  • Afternoon
  • Practical Component – Students work on a live model
  • Final Exam 

Recap, Debrief & Threading workshop (optional) 

So What is Manual Shading? 

The manual shading technique is where by pigment is placed into the dermis with a blade that does not involve an electric tool. The manual tool has a small disposable blade that has various needles, ranging from 7 pins to 23 pins. The needles are much finer than those used by an electric machine. The shading work is done with hand movements only which allows for depth control and ensures that the pigment isn’t deposited too deep into the dermis, creating a full and soft-looking brow. 

Advantages of the Manual Technique Vs. Machine Technique 

Can be less painful and is done faster than a machine. 

Very natural looking brow 

Does not look like a traditional tattoo 

An expensive machine is not required 

An autoclave machine is not required for disinfecting 

Less expensive to do than using the machine

Less chance of pigment going to grey/blue tones 

Less chance of pigment bleeding to areas that should not have pigment 


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