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Snob Academy has designed this Introductory Educator's Course to give experienced beauty artists the skills they need to develop and execute their own professional course or workshop.

After completing this program, you will understand the components of creating a successful course and be able to implement adult learner-centered teaching methods!  

This Program Contains 7 Units:

1. Snob Academy Values

2. The Basic Blueprint for a Successful Lesson
The Learning Cycle in a Nutshell
Types of Lessons at Snob Academy

3. Getting to Know your Students
Adult Learner Characteristics
Learning Styles

4. Teaching Styles and Methods
Teacher Centred vs Student Centred Teaching
Bridging the Gap - The SNOB STYLE
Teaching Tips

5. In the Classroom
Working the Classroom
Keeping Control and Keeping Interest
Time Management

6. Feedback and Assessments
Constructive Feedback
Kinds of Assessments
Student and Teacher Reflections

7. Drawing the Line
Teacher Student Relationship

Written Reflection questions are scheduled at the end of each unit and must be submitted before moving on. Short Online Assessments are scheduled after units 2, 4, 6

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